4. Morgan Conservatory

One thing among many, many things that I love about the Morgan is that it is in an ongoing state of becoming. 


Here is an original-visit post, a later visit, and here is what's new (so far) this year.  I love the ever-expanding collection of equipment, so appropriate for Cleveland's industrial heritage and  the Morgan's industrious present.


There is a fine range of paper now being produced.

A new, climate-controlled, beautifully lit bindery with numerous electrical outlets; its floor was completed in the week I was there.


A good washout solution at an excellent height.


Big, deep flat files to drool about (there are several of these units).


New and Upgraded Beaters:


This beautiful plexiglas model will be a great teaching tool when it's up and running.


A 3lb. beater, originally a test machine for the commercial paper industry, via Iowa.  For some reason, the deep millrace / tub is bisected by the pie slice you see; the pulp circulates through a channel underneath it. I didn't use this particular machine, but it is already in frequent use. It's a strong workhorse with a huge roll and bedplate.


I've had my eye on this one from the cigarette paper industry since it arrived a few years ago; now it's been fired up and is just awaiting a permanent hookup and water lines.  It is massive, with a gigantic roll: 20 lb capacity!


(I believe) a Howard Clark machine I hadn't seen before (it's also in use).


The perfect Cleveland outdoor drain.

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